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Nashville Transfers

DTF medium white powder adhesive 80-200um supply.

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Premium quality and superior soft hand feel.

Great wash resistance and stretch ability.

Medium - Stretchy - Cures Glossy.

Transfer adhesive powder is applied to DTF prints after printing. 

Sold per 2.2 pounds.

Melting point at 210 degrees Fahrenheit according to oven and shaker.

Press temp. 293-320 degrees Fahrenheit.

Press pressure 6-8 lbs.

Time 10-15 seconds.

Waterproof and moisture-proof sealed packaging for easily storing.

Keep in cool and dry space.

Keep away from direct sunlight.


Do not eat. Keep away from children.

Wear protective gear (gloves, mask and protective glasses)

Shelf life two years.

Made in China.

Curing and heat pressing DTF transfers should be done in a ventilated room with good air flow. Breathing in fumes can be hazardous to your health.