Pricing is $2.50/per sq ft. 

Leave a half inch border around every side to ensure the design is not cut off.

*****By submitting your artwork you are certifying you are the designer of this artwork  OR you have the right to produce a screen print of this artwork by a third party. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you are authorizing the printing of this artwork within the designers terms and conditions. If artwork is in question then documentation would be required prior to production.********************
TAT is currently 3-5 (M-F) business days. 


Maximum width of file is 23 inches wide. 
For gang sheets we will not gang the images for you. Please leave a half inch border around every side

Vector Files:  Al, SVG, PDF
Raster Files: JPG, PSD, PNG (please ensure your background is transparent otherwise it will be printed as it is received)

A minimum resolution of 300dpi @ 100% 

Additional Fees:

Design fee - starting at $45 

Color change – $20

Revision fee (AFTER 1ST ONE) – $10


PLEASE SEND YOUR ARTWORK AT THE SIZE YOU WOULD LIKE IT PRINTED.  If this is not possible, you must indicate the exact size you would like your artwork changed to.
Please note: enlarging a low resolution raster file can result in poor image quality.

Files will be evaluated to determine if they are print ready and may require additional art time and charges to correct issues, which may also delay your order.

Note: Because of differences in equipment, processing, paper, inks, pigments, and other conditions that may arise in the production of our transfers, a reasonable variation in color is considered to be normal and acceptable. Exact duplication of colors of ink and other materials is not guaranteed, but every consistent effort will be made to follow and be accurate within the limits of the process. Exact duplication of design sizes and colors to match previous orders is not guaranteed.
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