At Nashville Transfers, our products are produced for application using  professional grade heat presses only.  We offer both hot and cold peels. For hot peel, we suggest waiting a few seconds for the adhesive to properly cure to the material. We realize all heat presses are not created equal and therefore, our recommended guidelines may need adjusting if the transfer is not adhering to or peeling from the film once pressed.  Make the proper adjustments, whether it be, time, temperature and/or pressure as you know your equipment best!

Applying DTF transfers

  •  Pre-press garment making sure it is wrinkle and lint free. (this removes moisture as well)
  • Thread garment onto heat press.
  • Position transfer film on garment and press using the recommended time/temperature/pressure for the material you are decorating. 
  • Cool for approx. 6 -10 seconds. 
  • It’s best to peel slowly, to ensure print is secure. 

 Recommended Time + Temperature

 Polyester + Nylon + Neoprene + Cardboard + Wood + Non-Woven Polypropylene

  • Press 15 seconds
  • Medium pressure
  • 275-325 degrees Fahrenheit

Heavy Cotton 

  • Press 25 seconds
  • Medium/Heavy pressure
  • 310-325 degrees Fahrenheit

Cotton Blends + Canvas

  • Press 25 seconds
  • Medium/heavy pressure
  • 310-325 degrees Fahrenheit 

Finishing Press 

  • Repress approx 6 sec with any of the following on top of the design to create a custom finish.
    • Glossy ~ teflon sheet
    • Semi-gloss ~ parchment paper
    • Matte ~ Craft paper

 Washing and Drying Instructions 

Do not wash garment for 48hrs after pressing. Turn garment inside out when  washing and drying. Dry on low to medium heat. Do not dry clean.

Applying Sublimation transfers:

  1. Use only white or light poly-rich garments.
  2. Vigorously lint roll garment multiple times.
  3. Pre-press garment 3-5 seconds to remove extra moisture.
  4. Place the design face down on the garment.
  5. Cover design with paper (parchment or butch paper are most common) before pressing. 
  6. Press at 385°- 405° for 45-65 seconds.
  7. Medium pressure.

Washing and Drying instructions:

Do not wash garment for 48hrs after pressing. Turn garment inside out for washing and drying. Dry on low to medium heat. Do not dry clean.

Applying UV Decals:

To create a strong bond between film and the carrier film, our UV printer uses a heated roller. But be careful when you peel off the two films, because you want the design to stick to the carrier film. If you are new to UV decals, we suggest to watch our video or videos online on how to do it right, because you usually have only one shot at it:)

Application Instructions: (Techniques may vary)

1. Clean and dry the
application surface. Use of alcohol and a lint free cloth are recommended.

3. Peel the white backing
from the clear film. Ensure the decal adheres to the clear film.

4. Apply the decal to the
object in a manner that will avoid trapping air bubbles. Rub the decal thoroughly with your fingers (or use a roller/ squeegee) to ensure the entire
image is properly adhered to the surface.

5. Slowly start to peel the
clear film from the surface and decal. If the image starts to lift with the film, lay it back down and rub or squeegee it again.  Repeat until entire clear film has been removed. That's it, you are done!

UV decals are not microwave or dishwasher safe per material suppliers.