Pressing Instructions - DTF

At Nashville Transfers, our products are produced for application using a professional grade heat presses only.  For hot peel, we suggest waiting a few seconds for the adhesive to properly cure to the material. We realize all heat presses are not created equal and therefore, our recommended guidelines may need adjusting if the transfer is not adhering to or peeling from the film once pressed.  Make the proper adjustments, whether it be, time, temperature and/or pressure as you know your equipment best!


Applying DTF transfers

  •  Pre-press garment making sure it is wrinkle and lint free. (this removes moisture as well)
  • Position transfer film on garment and press using the recommended time/temperature/pressure for the material you are decorating. 
  • Cool for approx. 6 -10 seconds. 
  • Rub a cloth over film before peeling the transfer film away. It’s best to peel slowly, to ensure print is secure. 


 Recommended Time + Temperature

 Polyester + Nylon + Neoprene + Cardboard + Wood + Non-Woven Polypropylene

  • Press 15 seconds
  • Medium pressure
  • 240-300 degrees Fahrenheit

Heavy Cotton 

  • Press 15 seconds
  • Medium/Heavy pressure
  • 305-320 degrees Fahrenheit


Cotton Blends + Canvas

  • Press 15 seconds
  • low/Medium pressure
  • 325 degrees Fahrenheit 


Finishing Press 

  • Repress approx 6 sec with any of the following on top of the design to create a custom finish.
    • Glossy ~ teflon sheet
    • Semi-gloss ~ parchment paper
    • Matte ~ Craft paper


Washing and Drying Instructions 

Do not wash garment for 48hrs after pressing. Turn garment inside out when  washing and drying. Dry on low to medium heat. Do not dry clean.