Pressing Instructions

Thank you for purchasing your transfers from good Ole’ Honky Tonk Nashville Transfers.

These transfers are for professional grade heat presses only. Even though these are hot peels its best to wait a few seconds for the adhesive to properly cure to the material.

Recommended Time and Temperatures:

Polyester, Nylons and Neoprene’s;

Press for 15 seconds with medium pressure at 255 degrees Fahrenheit.


Press for 15 seconds with medium pressure at 300 degrees Fahrenheit

cotton blends and Canvas;

Press for 15 seconds with medium pressure at 325 degrees Fahrenheit .

Pressing your DTF transfer:

Pre-press garment making sure it is wrinkle and lint free. (this removes moisture as well) Position transfer film on garment and press with the above recommended time/temperature/pressure. Let cool for approximately 6 -10 seconds. Peel the transfer slowly assuring print is staying on the garment. 

For gloss effects re-press for approx 6 sec with the following to provide the effect desire;

Glossy- teflon sheet

Semi-gloss- parchment paper

Matte effect- Craft paper

Washing and Drying instructions:

Do not wash garment for 48hrs after pressing. Turn garment inside out for washing and drying. Dry on low to medium heat. Do not dry clean.