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  • Premium Opaque White Dtf Ink.
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Nashville Transfers

Premium industrial grade opaque white Colorburst ink.

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Nashville Transfers is proud to present our premium Colorburst White Ink, tailored for both desktop and wide format printers. This water-based ink is specifically engineered for Epson printheads, ensuring superior performance and compatibility. Here’s why Nashville Transfers’ Colorburst White Ink is the ideal choice for your printing needs.

Formulation: Our ink is meticulously crafted for printheads, including models DX5, DX7, xp600, 4720, and i3200. This dedication to quality ensures reliable and consistent output in all your  printing endeavors.

Optimized: Designed with Colorburst Film in mind, our Colorburst opaque white Ink excels in producing high-quality transfers. Its formulation enhances adhesion and delivers vivid white coverage on diverse garment types.


Tip: For optimal performance, we recommend to gentlly roll or shake of the ink bottles daily. This practice prevents pigment separation, preserving the high standard of print quality you expect from Nashville Transfers.

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